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Following the success of the first five international conferences, we are pleased to announce the Sixth International Conference on Regenerative Surgery to be held in Rome December 11-13, 2014.

This year the conference will be organised in partnership with the Italian Military Health.

In the last five years since the first regenerative surgery meeting, the world has seen a rapidly growing interest in its potential, especially in the plastic surgery community ... it's an endeavor that encompasses many specialties - and efforts that are widely varied.

The conference gives a great opportunity to rally together our scientific partners in regenerative medicine to discuss plastic surgery therapeutic applications... so that we can build technologies and techniques for future therapies.

Many of the world’s leading researchers and clinicians in the field of “Regenerative Surgery & Medicine” will gather to explain and discuss this expanding scientific field which is revolutionizing medicine and surgery.

Fat grafting has been performed for over a century, but we are still trying to understand how transplanted fat survives and how it influences the tissues into which it is placed. The isolation of stromal vascular fractions from adipose tissue poses many new questions about how it should be used and how important it potentially is on its own or in combination with fat. At the meeting, we plan to ask many questions about fat grafting, stromal vascular fractions and adipose derived stem cells.

This December in Rome, we would like for all the participants to help us present the “state of the science and art” of regenerative plastic surgery. This and much more to come in December.

Valerio Cervelli
Conference President 

Sydney Coleman
M.A. Germani
Conference Co-Presidents