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The Conference has been included by the University of Rome "Tor Vergata" amongst cultural celebrations on the occasion of the
150th Anniversary of the Unification of Italy

C.U. Casciani (Rome, Italy)
N. Scuderi (Rome, Italy)

V. Cervelli (Rome, Italy)

President: C. Calabrese (Florence, Italy)

C. Alfano (Perugia, Italy)
J. Bulte (Baltimore, USA) 
S. Ferrone (Pittsburgh, USA)
I. Martin (Basel, Switzerland)
J. Meisel (Halle, Germany)
G. Sconocchia (Rome, Italy)
G. Spagnoli (Basel, Switzerland)
K. Wangerin (Stuttgart, Germany)

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President: S. Verardi (Rome, Italy)

D. Bottini (Rome, Italy)
S. Campisi
(Rome, Italy)
G. Cervelli
(Rome, Italy)
P. Gentile
(Rome, Italy)
G. Maioli (Rome, Italy)
F. Sangiuolo (Rome, Italy)
A. Trimarco
(Rome, Italy)